A 14 year Air Force Veteran I wound up in Peoria following my husband to the Illinois Air National Guard. After I retired from the Alaska Air National Guard, I went back to college at ICC getting an AA in Journalism. I proceeded to Bradly and graduated in 2018 with a BS in Sports Communication. Currently, I am working on my MA in New Media Journalism--graduating in 2021.

I believe that JROTC can be a springboard for students to find their passions. We offer opportunities that wouldn't be otherwise offered to the Bartonville population, ie: private pilot licensing or Cisco certifications.


Students learn to lead early on and are encouraged to teach, guide, and mentor others. They are in charge of the entire program, from our corp leadership or teams down to a shoeshine demo in the classroom. 

Every year I look forward to seeing how the unit grows and changes as each class moves forward. I have high expectations but still want everyone to have a good time....and don't forget the FOOD!